November 28, 2022


  Dear November,

This month feels a bit like a blur. Fall finally hit and watching all of the leaves change color and then float to the ground throughout my work day reminded me of one of my favorite quotes I happened upon years ago - Fall is a reminder that there is beauty in letting go. 

And I feel like that's what 2022 has really been about. I let go of a lot of beliefs I held onto since childhood, let go of negativity and lies I've been telling myself (about myself), and have let go of an identity (teaching) that I have held onto for so long as well. 

The beauty that ensued is what continues to push me forward. The freedom, the love, the grace, the independence, and the joy that has come as a result? They're all things I continue to find myself grateful for. 

November brought my first cold in years (think pre-covid times). It was gentle reminder that rest is important and I feel grateful it wasn't anything worse. It hit me hard and used all the vitamin C, elderberry, lozenges, manuka honey, and kleenex I could get my hands on. Netflix Christmas movies became my go-to (so easy to fall asleep to!). 

Aside from that, November brought cold snowflakes, gave me space to continue to explore more of the PNW, enjoy the perks of working remotely, and carve out time for family and loved ones. I have felt more often than not ready to hibernate and have been living in yoga pants and sweaters/sweatshirts on the daily. I started listening to Christmas music, playing Christmas music on the viola, and decorated a gingerbread house already. And the boots have been taken out of storage (rain boots, winter boots, chelsea boots -- allllll of them), too. I have enjoyed sipping on hot tea every morning as well -- tea that I actually have the time to drink most of the mug before it gets cold!

There is a lot to be grateful for this month and that's where I want to leave this letter. Grateful.

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