December 29, 2022


Dear December, 

Exhale. May this be a moment, a time to collectively acknowledge the busyness and the fullness of this month and this year. 

December came in swiftly, as it often does. One moment it's November and I'm complaining about the dark nights and mornings and the next moment, the lights are hanging, Christmas music is playing, and I suddenly have wrapping paper, ribbon, and gift bags all over my bedroom floor. 

I think back on my days when I went to church and how much of December was anticipation about Christmas Eve services - the extra rehearsals, the outfit planning, the Christmas ornaments decorated for the kids to give to their parents. There was a lot of anticipation that led up to Christmas. 

Nowadays, December looks a little different. And I find myself looking and seeking ways to create new traditions, new rituals to celebrate one of my favorite times of the year. 

I think about the Zoom calls with colleagues this month, chatting about life and non-work related things (because we all need connection and relationships that go past a brief "how are you?" exchange). I think about the morning runs with multiple layers of clothing just to stay warm. I think of the festive snacks at Trader Joe's (the cinnamon roll popcorn this year was my fave by far). Or the way playing music with my sister brought back childhood memories. Watching the snow fall from the sky and the ice coat the streets. I think of the walks with my mom and sister. And the yearly tradition of driving around at night to look at Christmas lights. It's those little moments that I always treasure most and I know that's why I continue these blog posts, even if no one reads them. Because for me, there's something so beautiful about finding joy and love and light in the little moments. The little moments that add up to something greater -- life. 

So here's to being extra sappy at the end of the year (or all times of the year, if you're me!). 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year. 

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