December 5, 2022


I started therapy this past summer. It was something I know I've needed/wanted to do for some time but could never find the space to do so while teaching. Honestly, typing that last sentence out showed me just how much I needed it. 
But I digress. 
I decided to go with online/video therapy (BetterHelp works, friends!) because it would allow for a wider network of options and choices for therapists and it would also provide me with the flexibility to do it from the comfort of my home without having to take too much time out of my work day. 
Before starting, I felt a little nervous but very ready to unlearn some anxious tendencies and have a place to process my upbringing. And that's exactly what happened. It was much easier than I expected for me to open up and each session was a reminder about the power of having a safe space to just be and show up authentically. 
We all need spaces to bring our full, true, whole selves and to bring all our emotions, our thoughts, and our worries. 
I've never really had that place before and now that I have been in this space, I find myself wanting to create safer spaces for others. There's a lot of stigma around going to therapy, but I have never found myself in a more peaceful and content place now that I've gone to therapy. I've since found myself practicing mindfulness and meditations, finding relief and calm in deep breathing, and learning to identify and notice the worries I feel without letting them spiral or ruminate in my head. 
It aligned really well with this season of starting a new job and dating again and it was the perfect way for me to ground myself and reset/restart on a better, more confident foundation. I am so grateful for the time and the financial ability to do therapy and for a therapist who created a space for me to grow, learn, and thrive inside and outside of our time together. 
 Note: not sponsored whatsoever, just really grateful for therapy!

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