January 29, 2023


Dear January,

It's hard to believe that it's actually 2023. Something about the turn of this calendar year felt different. I don't know if time sped by or slowed down, but I felt like I was either moving too fast or was playing catch-up for much of this month. 

I've come to find that my new job has waves of busyness and the holiday weeks were slow, but the weeks before and after were full of presentation/workshop prep and delivery and now we're moving into the spring season. I've come to learn (fairly quickly) that spring = conference season and the proposals are in full swing. 

I digress. We all know you did not come here to read about my work life. 

Aside from that, this month included birthday celebrations and watching movies late into the night. January provided the time and space for two long-weekend trips. I got to see small towns, visit new parks, and try new restaurants. January also brought time for baking pies and cookies. Listening to lots of Spotify and a fun band in wine bar (avoided the crowd and just listened from outside). I got the most wear out of my rain coat and boots. And lots of puppy kisses and naps, too. January also included dressing up just for fun (aka because I don't have an excuse to dress up right now).  And strengthening work friendships through Zoom. 

It was a quiet January - but it was a good one at that. I'm learning to find joy in the present moment again and am really trying to make the most of what I have now. I can feel changes coming over the course of the year (growth, newness) and am trying to make sure I take the time to make the most of now before it's gone. 

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