March 27, 2023


Dear March,

This month played out much differently than I had planned for - but it was good, in a way that I never expected. What was supposed to be a weeklong stay with my boyfriend turned into a monthlong trip with lots more time spent together - something really good for our long-distance relationship.

This relationship has made me so much more grateful for the flexibility I have with my job. Getting to work from home (or in this case, away from home) has been the gift this year that I didn't realize how much I'd appreciate. 

So I'm here, in my home-away-from-home and learning a lot about myself in the process. This relationship has been really good for me to communicate and care for my needs (i.e. my love for exercise and working out plus need for alone time) and not always going with the flow like I typically do. I'm also learning to carve out new routines and find peace in the unknown, too. Sometimes I forget how much a relationship teaches me about myself.

Aside from that, March held A LOT of snow, Friday night ice cream dates and weekend trips to try new foods (always the best), lots of dog walks in the rain, and wearing all the sweaters and yoga pants. March also meant lots of homemade breakfast tacos (tortillas from scratch are still my fave), rewatching the Hunger Games series, barre workouts (tried and true fave), winter boots, morning snow flurries, visits to Asian grocery stores (always a favorite of mine), glimpses of sun here and there (and smiles that commenced), and professional development trainings on Zoom. 

It was a growing month and a good month. 

p.s. In case you thought my life lately is something to envy, know that I'm currently fighting a lovely bout of seasonal allergies that have created some very swollen eyes/eyelids). And yes, it's just as lovely as it sounds, haha.

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