June 19, 2023


I got a passport earlier this year - my first one. And we took an international road trip to cross Canada off my bucket list. I've always dreamt of going and my boyfriend is a man who reminds me daily that adventure is possible - and that getting out of my comfort zone isn't always that bad. 

And my goodness, is British Columbia beautiful. We did all the tourist-y things, both things neither of us grew up doing as children. We visited aquariums and butterfly gardens, took sea to sky gondola rides and crossed over multiple suspension bridges. We ate the most delicious vegan banh mi, tried poutine, and got our fair share of ketchup chips and Coffee Crisp. And traveled by ferry as well - even if it meant staying a bit longer than planned. We explored the city, took way too many selfies, and even saw a bear cross the street in front of us, too.

We stayed in some amazing Airbnbs, got my steps in (because what's a vacation if you don't call it a walk-ation, like my family does -- aka an excuse to eat good food after getting in daily hikes and long walks). 

It was a trip we both enjoyed and it was so good to enjoy it together. As a long-distance couple, we're learning that these kinds of adventures are not only experiences we want to have together, but that it's time where we're both able to just be with one another. We grow closer, build our relationship, learn more about who we are as individuals and as a couple and get to listen to all the music on our shared Spotify playlists.

These little adventures hold a lot of memories - more than can be captured in one blog post. But I want to remember and savor them because i know that they hold more than just stories - they hold moments that I want to remember forever. 

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