August 11, 2023


Dear July,

I didn't realize that this month would be full of so many adulting moments (forms signed and decisions made). These decisions were big decisions that included a lot of fine print and double-checking all my to-do lists. 

All that said, I'm grateful for the little moments in the midst of these decisions. Grateful for opportunities to sleep in on Saturday mornings. A photo session for family friends. Chasing waterfalls and post-hike onion rings with my boyfriend. Summertime pies. Overnight curls with my favorite heat-free curlers. Picking blueberries in the backyard. The smell of ripe blackberries along the path during my morning walk/runs. A Friday afternoon at the coast with my family. Watermelon for my pup. Saturday morning pancakes. And weekend errands with my mom.

This month flew by and it's hard to believe we're in August - in the last full month of summer. It's been a busy one, and I'm finding myself continually excited for what lies ahead. 

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