September 25, 2023


My boyfriend and I aren't ones to go on trips spontaneously, but when a friend (of his) invited us on a trip to Glacier, we decided to jump on the offer and drive our way over to Montana. As someone who grew up on the West Coast, to be honest, this is as far east as I've been (I have lots to see, I know). 

The drive was pretty, but long. We filled it with road trip snacks, Spotify playlists, and some podcasts, too. I only managed to nap 20 minutes out of the two-digit long drive (which he championed like no other - I don't know how he can drive for so long, allowing me to be a true passenger princess). 

Once we were there, we could tell that wildfires were in the area. The skies had a pink tint, thickness and haze from the smoke but other than that, we enjoyed the sights and were excited for the next day's adventures in Glacier. 

Unfortunately, the haze and smoke (and hot temps) prevented us from doing some of the longer hikes we had hoped to do, but we managed to find some shorter hikes with lake views and waterfalls. We saw some mountain goats and big horned sheep crossing the parking lot (oh, and lots of tourists, too). We managed to get some snapshots along the trails once got past all the crowds and were lucky to catch some beautiful sunsets, too. 

The trip was short, but the drive was long, especially on our way home. We had hoped to avoid all the detours, but ended having to take a detour through multiple small towns along the way, stopping at small grocery stores. The air quality was much worse on the drive home but we managed to make it back safely - and also very, very tired.

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