November 15, 2023


I don’t want to forget the little details. 

He took me completely by surprise. 

We had waffled between going to a few different places over the long weekend but decided to play it by ear because of the weather. When we saw that the coast had dry weather forecasted in the afternoon, we jumped on the opportunity to visit one last time before the end of the calendar year. 

He let me listen to my girly music on the way there. I packed the snacks (per usual) and liquid IV. He got the towels for the pup and we loaded up the car after breakfast. 

There are little things now, in hindsight, that I should’ve noticed. Like how he wore contacts and cologne. How he wouldn’t let me touch his jacket because it was “too wet” from the rain (or because the ring box was in his pocket, but one will never know!). How he could only talk about how long the drive there was. And how our walk up and down the coast had many stops as he tried to find the perfect place to stop and wondered if people were behind us. 

We found a spot to take selfies and then decided to turn around and head back. We had walked over 2 1/2 miles, it was nearly three o'clock, and we were ready for lunch. We looked over a dune and saw a road back to the parking lot and decided to head that way to see some beach houses along the coast. 

But we turned around once more to take one last look at the ocean. He wanted to take it all in. And so did I. I remember standing next to him. We rolled the ball a few times for the pup. Then I remember standing behind him, with my arms around his chest. 

The next thing I know, he's down on one knee. 

And tears instantly filled my eyes. 

I asked him if he was serious - not once, but at least twice - because I was in complete disbelief, surprise, and shock. 

I don’t remember everything he said, but he had a smile on his face as he told me I’m his best friend and that he wants to have many, many more adventures together.

And I am beyond excited to be his best friend, adventure partner, and fiancée. 

Oh, we definitely celebrated this big occasion with burritos, chips, and salsa, all eaten and enjoyed on the drive back home.

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