November 28, 2023


Dear November,

This month feels like a whirlwind - full of surprises, memories, and lots of chilly walks. The winter coats and beanies are out and there have been many a frosty mornings, too. 

The new house is starting to feel more like a home. With nearly all of my belongings moved out of my parents' house, it feels strange going back and having them thank me for driving to visit them. My heart definitely still holds both houses dearly and I don't think that either will ever not be home to me. One will be the home I grew up in, the other is the home that I get to continue that journey with the person I love. 

It's complicated, but I think that's a part of life - muddy or cloudy waters that need navigating, one step at a time. 

Aside from that, November held moments of garden exploring (all of the fall colors!), hikes with the fiancé (plus a surprise proposal - WHAT?!), buying a Christmas tree, long morning runs, showing my family my new neighborhood, listening to Christmas music, decorating my new work-from-home office, wearing all the sweaters, Costco runs, and baking an apple, pear, and cranberry pie. 

It was a full, but very lovely month. And I'm excited for the coziness of the holiday season that's to come.

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