November 15, 2023


Dear October,

The bittersweet feelings are still there. Each day holds different emotions and I am learning (or unlearning and re-learning) that that's okay. As I would tell the kids I taught, all emotions are welcome and those words have never been truer in my own life.

Moving into a new house, I felt this pressure to have the house furnished and decorated right away. I wanted to have an influencer-Instagram-able home, so to speak. But the money-conscious side of me quickly realized that wasn't going to happen, especially if I wanted to furnish the home with pieces that I loved and that would last, not just the cheapest thing I could find on Amazon. Which--as a side note--there's nothing wrong with going that route, but I knew that I would be happier with the slower process of making this house a home. 

So we're taking it month by month and I've been making a mental list of things I'm saving to buy. We've got a dining table, night stands (which was a must for me), beds, and dog beds, a floor rug, and a stocked kitchen - which honestly, makes me that happiest. It's starting to feel like home, but I'm really just excited to have my family come visit and stay for the night next month. 

Aside from that, October created an opportunity to discover a new love of trail running, checking in on all the fall colors and anxiously awaiting those golden leaves covering the ground. Baking bread. Hiking on new trails. Pulling out all the sweaters and boots (my favorite season). Having fires in the backyard. Buying Halloween candy for the neighborhood kids. And phone calls with my mom. 

October held a lot of emotions and it makes me eager to see what comes next.

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