March 29, 2024


Dear February,

I'm in what I'd like to call my homesteading era. My Instagram feed is filled with influencers sharing their favorite cleaning guides and I've been spending time perusing Pinterest for new recipes and interior design inspiration. I spend my weekends baking and find a bit of joy from styling shelves and crossing chores off my to-do lists. 

My newest obsession is my very own sourdough starter, which I've named Sunday (because that's feeding day) and discovering new-to-me recipes to make like sourdough cinnamon rolls, artisan loaves, pop tarts, crackers, pizza dough, and granola. Watching Sunday grow with each feeding reminds me of the reason why I love baking so much - to make something out of nothing. I know I sound a little silly treating my fermented flour and water mixture like a baby, but in some ways, it really is. 

On top of that, we bought two blueberry bushes and my feed is slowly filling with gardening tips now (is Instagram listening to my inner thoughts and ponderings?). I'm slowly becoming a true homeowner, I guess? Either way, I am really loving this stage in life. We don't have kids yet and we're enjoying the time we have to sleep in (as long as the dog allows us to) and going on drives to explore the city. 

Aside from that, February held flurries of snow, clearance pillow throws, treadmill runs while watching Grey's Anatomy (first time watcher over here), and celebrating Valentine's Day with homemade chocolate-covered strawberries. 

February, you were filled with love. March, I'm ready for ya. 

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