March 29, 2024


Dear March,

Spring has officially sprung (and by Spring, I mean rainy showers followed by a day or two of sunshine - just enough for the cherry blossoms to pop open, grass to grow, and weeds to sprout up everywhere). I'm currently fighting a plugged up ear from a mistaken no-allergy-medicine night of sleep. 

Normally, I'd be fine, but I'm getting some anxiety it'll turn into a bad sinus infection (which, if you didn't know, led to an allergic reaction to an antibiotic last year...). All that said, saline spray has been my best friend and I hopefully won't be making that same mistake again anytime soon.

Aside from that, we've become yardwork people! We've been brainstorming backyard ideas while simultaneously strolling the garden section of every store we can find. We've got our eyes on Japanese holly plants and bamboo for some privacy, but we'll see what we end up with. 

I've got three books on my reading list right now - and I'm trying to become a better evening reader. After my weeklong break from my phone, I've missed turning to books and writing at night instead of scrolling on my phone. Today, I took my books outside after work to read on the porch for a bit. And I'm currently typing this post with HGTV on the background and my books within an arm's reach away. So I'm counting those as little wins. 

Now that the sun is out, we've had the chance to meet and chat with a few more neighbors and I'm looking forward to hopefully making some friends in the area. It's a little tricky as a younger couple without kids in a very family-friendly area, but I'm hopeful we'll find a community of sorts - tips and tricks for doing that are always welcome. 

March was fast and it makes me excited for what's to come. I've got some work events coming up and I'm looking forward to that as well as some trips that we've got planned for later this year, too.

But one day at a time. And for now, I'm just looking forward to what April has to hold. 

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