July 28, 2014


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More often then not I've got at least 12 tabs open at once. Email, the blog, Pinterest, and then a bunch of tabs to various favorite stores and companies. It's actually quite bad. Lots of tabs and lots of wishlists going.

And since I feel like I should be making the most of these open tabs, I decided to share a few of my favorite items that I've had my eye on lately. If you ever feel like making my day, you can send them all my way.

Or just add them to your wishlists, too.

Speaking of which, what have you had your eye on lately?

July 25, 2014


Happy Friday, my friends! I'm relieved it's Friday because after a week of evening VBS, I am exhausted. I loved seeing and hearing the little kiddos scream about their love for Jesus but I also loved getting the chance to put my feet up at the end of the day, too.

Here's to weekends and to rest. Have a great one!

Handcrafted weddings are always my fave.

And then there's this cute and colorful work studio.

Yep, this most definitely sums up the process of blogging.

I can't get enough of this sweet proposal photoshoot.

Or this beautiful wall of books.

This looks like a fun DIY to try--can you imagine some sort of blogging-themed tee?

The blogworld has informed me that pineapples are all the rage and I'm thinking I might need to join in with this DIY project.

Yogurt breakfast popsicles. Yep, you read that right. Popsicles. for. breakfast.

This girl's thoughts on singleness are spot on. I learn so much from her!

If these photos don't make you want to travel, I don't know what will.

And then there are these stunning starry photos. My goodness, this girl is talented. 

I'm thinking I need to get back into podcast listening and I think these recommendations might be a good place to start. Got any others to add to the list?

This pin made me laugh.

Let your yes be yes. Such a good read for a girl who has a hard time saying no.

Have you downloaded this app yet? It seems like a lot of fun and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it if you have it on your phone!

Oh, and in case you missed it, next month's Circle topic was announced! My co-host and I are hosting a closet confidential link-up (inspired by Savannah's vlog!) and are sharing our favorite clothing items including our oldest, newest, most expensive, best bargain and a few items we're really loving, too. You pick and choose and decide what to include and if you're bold like us, you'll do a vlog, too (or you can totally share photos instead). I'm still trying to psych myself up for the vlog part, haha. We'll see you on Wednesday August 13th!

July 24, 2014


Note: I'm trying my hand at fiction again so bear with me since I'm a wee bit rusty. Oh, and you'll notice that this part won't make much sense unless you read my first chapter over on Amy's blog today! So head on over and check it out. And for those of you who are visiting from Amy's blog, welcome! Thanks for stopping by!
image via Unsplash
"I'm sorry, but I don't think I caught your name," he started.

"Oh, sorry," I stammered. "I'm Liza." I ran the palm of my hand down my face and felt my face burning up with embarrassment.

"I'm a little jetlagged, I guess!" That was a flat out lie, seeing as I hadn't been on a plane in a year. But I had to say something and that was the first thing that escaped my mouth.

"Jet lag is a killer," he replied and then he was cut off by the sound of the flight attendant's chipper voice on the intercom.

"Good morning everyone! Welcome aboard Flight 488! We are so delighted that you chose our airlines today and hope you have a wonderful experience with us. Before we take off, I'd like to inform you of a few important details regarding...."

"My goodness, she's a chatty one," Jeremy not-so-quietly whispered. He looked straight ahead at the flight attendant the entire time, his head actually high enough to see over all the seats.

I smiled and knew that even though this wasn't going to be a quiet flight, it would at least be an entertaining one.

I half-way listened to the flight attendant's spiel and let my mind wander for the other half. I looked out the window and watched the tarmac, looking out at the other airplanes that were either landing or in preparation to take off again.

"Uh, you awake there, mate?"

"Oh, uh, yeah, sorry," I turned my head back in his direction and felt my cheeks flush with color.

"What did you say? Sorry, I was daydreaming, I guess," I tried to think of something clever to say, but nothing came up.

"Just making sure you were paying attention," he chuckled. He ran his hand through his hair like some sort of hair model on a shampoo commercial.

"Seriously? What kind of cheesiness is this? This is like some kind of freaky dream come true," I thought.

The last time I was on a plane was with my parents and we were heading down to visit my aunt and uncle in Texas. I was squished between my parents and spent the whole time pretending that I was asleep so I wouldn't have to talk to them.

Obviously, this time around was a little bit different.

"So, is LA your final destination?" The plane was just taking off, and we both leaned back in our seats as the nose of the plane lifted off into the air.

"That's a good question," I replied. He looked at me confused, waiting for more details.

"You're a mysterious one, you know that, Liza?" 

I smiled but didn't include any more details--only because I didn't have know the answer to his question myself.

Part Three is in the works and will be coming soon!