May 22, 2015


Posting this one late because, well, life happened. This week has been crazy and full of so many unexpected changes and I'm still trying to just get through it all. But I'll save that for another time.

Hooray for weekends, hooray for long weekends, and hooray for lovely links to read, too!

For my fellow over-thinkers. 

At one point, your favorite book didn't exist. Amen Chelsea, amen. 

Tired of photo sessions yet? Nope? Good, because this one's pretty amazing, too.

Plus this wedding!

How to make better decisions. Loved this post. 

On making friends in this digital age. 

For my fellow ice cream lovers. 

Putting this on my summer to-do list.

Happy weekend!

May 19, 2015


amazing graphic created by Jenny

Happy May, friends! We're halfway through May and it's hard to believe we'll be going through all of our end of the school year and summertime events soon. Can someone please tell me how time flies so quickly?

This month, my co-host and I are sharing Moodboards! And since it's 2015, we're sharing 15 things in our moodboards, too. But before I share mine, I want to introduce you to this month's co-host. This girl is creative and always full of the sweetest words. Plus, she's a newly engaged blogger and Etsy shop owner!

Hi friends! My name is Jenny and I'm a marketing planner, small shop owner, coffee addict, and designer. I blog over at Coffee & Honeycomb where I talk about faith, lifestyle, design, and currently wedding inspiration! Hope you pop on over. :) 

One of the things I admire most about Jenny is her creative spirit and courageous heart to go for her dreams. So when Jenny and I were brainstorming topic ideas, it was no surprise that we agreed on moodboards! And now we can't wait to see what you've come up with!


spring closet

I spotted that floral skirt a few weeks ago on another blog and haven't gotten it out of my mind since. So the only logical thing to do was to create an entire moodboard off it full of springy things to add to my closet. As a girl who detested pink growing up, I found it kind of ironic to see so much of it sprinkled throughout my moodboard, but a girl can change her mind, right?

What did YOU put on your moodboard? If you'd like to share (which I hope you do/will!), grab a button, add your link below and share your post with the hashtag #thecirclelinkup! 


The next link-up will be a month from now on Wednesday, June 17th and we'll be sharing our Summer Staples. What is a MUST for you in the summertime? Something sweet to sip on at a picnic? Some chick lit to read while sitting by the pool? Or maybe some flip-flops to throw into your beach bag? Create a moodboard or collage and tell us what your musts are for this upcoming sunny season! See you then, friends!

May 18, 2015


Most of the time, my lunch breaks involve me scarfing down lunch while filling out paperwork, making copies, or answering questions. Most of the time, I try to do all three things at once. People say that I always "look busy" when I walk down the halls and I wouldn't blame them because I walk like I'm on a mission--which is mostly true, considering the times when I escape the classroom are for making last-minute copies, leaving for meetings, or going to the bathroom.

But my co-workers and friends have been really pressing me to just take a moment to breathe and take care of myself. Something that I'm definitely still working on. 

A few weeks ago, I managed to escape the classroom and even left the building to take my lunch break. I escaped to a quiet area nearby, put my bag down, pulled out Instagram, and simply enjoyed the sunshine streaming through the window. 

And then I ate my lunch in silence. 

Simply put, it was glorious.

After finishing my salad, I pulled out my earbuds, zipped up my jacket and headed outdoors. 

Because we all know how much this girl needs her Vitamin D and fresh air. 

Listening to my worship music playlist, I walked around and just enjoyed the peace and time alone. Sure, there were cars and people walking around, too, but I was able to just soak up the sun (hiding behind clouds, of course) and just recharge. 

Recharging may seem like it's overrated, but friends, it's not. We all need time to refresh--introverts or not--and taking care of ourselves helps us take care of others. Amen?

Now I just need someone to remind me of that everyday around lunch time...

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