May 24, 2024


Dear April and May,

It's hard to believe that we're already at the end of May - and yet, it's definitely not a surprise that I'm a little late popping in here with two-entries for my monthly letter/recap. I really wish I was back in a season where writing was my thing - but like many things in life, things come and go and I know that writing will always be here (writing truly is a gentle hobby, I'm coming to learn. Hard to do sometimes, but definitely gentle and healing for me overall).

But I digress, per my usual. April held lots of showers but also random bits of sunshine and summery weather. One week, I was wearing sweaters and rain jackets and the next, I was wearing shorts and sundresses. The Pacific Northwest loves to keep its people on their toes, let me tell ya. 

April was also the mark of conference season for my job - our small but mighty team all got to meet up in-person to present at a conference which gave us the excuse to turn it into a mini-reunion and gather somewhere new. Working from home is one of the biggest perks of my job (and something I do not take for granted!) but it also creates a lot of monotony so anytime we have a chance to leave the house is a good time for us all. 

I'm in the middle of planning a mini conference for work, so my life has felt busy, to say the least. I can't remember how much I've shared on here, but it's been a fun labor of love to plan the little details and plan/coordinate an event for others. Who knew I'd enjoy event planning?

May held moments of fun - breakfast dates at IKEA, trips to Home Depot and Costco like an old married couple, buying lumber (or wood) for new projects, seeing the Northern Lights in my parents' backyard, having my parents/family over for the weekend, adding extra jalapeños for into my sourdough loaves, and planting zinnia seeds for the summer.

And now, June is nearly here and spring is going to quickly turn to summer -- someone want to tell me how to slow down time?

March 29, 2024



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