Oct 20, 2014

PROJECT 365: WEEKS 41 + 42.

10/6: just a glimpse.
10/7 little gnome and friends.
10/8 backyard apples. 
10/9 check-writing.
10/10: scarf season!
10/11: lake views.
10/12: sparkly water droplet bokeh. 
10/13: blue door!
10/14: happy mail. 
10/15: because fall light is my fave. 
10/16: backseat driving. 
10/17: changing colors. 
10/18: hiking for days. 
10/19: who built the ark?
Apparently, two is the magic number around here because I've been on this trend of sharing two week's of photos at a time. Work has taken over my life again (not complaining, though since I really do love my job), so it's been a struggle for me to make time for photography.

That said, how do YOU make time for your passions and hobbies? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks!

p.s. This Wednesday is The Circle! Don't forget to write up your book report and link-up with us then! I can't wait to introduce you to this month's co-host and read your posts!

Oct 17, 2014


Happiest of happy Fridays, friends! The weather is definitely turning more and more fall-ish and while I can't say I love the rain, it is nice to have cooler weather. Although, to be honest, cool and dry weather would be perfect. But enough about the weather. How about all these links? I hope you like them all, friends!

I was honored to be featured on Anna's blog this week and shared a few words on courage. Which is almost an oxymoron, coming from a girl who's naturally fearful and hesitant.

On creating your own reading nook.

Loving this DIY clay necklace.

Be brave enough to make a mess.

On downsizing and making room for change and growth. 

One of the cutest pet costumes out there. 

21 cooking tips that will change your life.

And the ultimate pie crust guide. Perfect for the holiday season, if you ask me!

I'm thinking I might have to make my own day-in-the-life video now!

Some great thoughts on when to save and when to splurge.

These sound like the perfect fall afternoon snack.

Would you ever think about joining an articles club?

13 creative wall ideas.

How guilt gets in the way of our health. As someone who feels really guilty about skipping a workout day or eating a few too many cookies, this post was just what I needed.

THIS engagement session. You're welcome for sharing it with you.

And then there's this wedding. Swoon. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Oct 15, 2014


Fall is the perfect time for hiking. The air cools down, the breezes pick up, and the ground is still dry so I don't have to listen to my feet squishing in mud with every step. A few weeks ago, my family and I went on a hike in an area that was affected by a wildfire in the summer.

Walking through that area was weird, to say the least. The air still smelled like burned grass. The ground was dark, the trees were burned, and the area was just so bare.

But there was also a newness in the area. There were ladybugs on dried grasses, leaves changing color across the fire lines that the firefighters created to so prevent the spread of fire, and there were even a few trees that half burned and half green with life.  

Seeing the distinct burned and un-touched areas was eye-opening and a definite reminder that changes are bound to occur. But we can accept these changes and take them with stride, or we can let them bring us down.

And the more I write on change and new seasons, the more I realize how much I need to hear these words myself. The changes that are happening in my life and at work are going to happen, whether I want them to or not. But I can choose to dig my feet deep into the soil and pout, or I can make the most of them and choose to thrive, even if it is the harder route.

And while I know it's hard, I need to see change as a time for new things. New experiences, new relationships, and new growth. 

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