Oct 24, 2014


It's Friday, friends! I'm so excited for a chance to read everyone's posts for the Circle (which you should totally read and/or link-up and join us, by the way!). I am a little behind this time around, but am actually glad I left it for this weekend because then I can really dive into each post and each book recommendation, too!

So I hope you all have a lovely weekend and get caught up on blog-reading, blog-writing, and well, just life in general.

On community for the introvert. AMEN and AMEN again.

And on making (and maintaining) friendships that flourish.

5 handwriting tips.

5 creative office design ideas.

And I really (really!) want to work/blog/live in this room.

Is it too early to share a Christmas ornament pin?

Can YOU spot Momo?

I can't wait to find these books at my library!

10 types of blog posts to diversify your content. What a fun list to expand your content and try your hand at other types of posts!

And 10 reasons to try scrapbooking. I've never been too keen into scrapbooking, but I just might have to give it a try!

This is my kind of printable.

And does someone want to get me this book?

A crazy odd way to prevent those tears from falling when chopping onions.

The cutest marshmallows you'll ever see.

17 secrets every Target lover will never tell you.

And 17 things you need to know about people who like to be alone. Apparently 17 is the magic number of the week and apparently, I am a huge Target fan and girl who likes to spend time alone because both lists described me to a T.

Plus some interesting thoughts on blogging. I would love to hear what you think about them!

Have a great one!

Oct 22, 2014


Happy October, friends! We're almost through with this month and it's hard to believe that come this time next month, I'll likely be talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. So just think of all the fun we'll have with The Circle then!

But let's not get too far ahead, shall we? Because I am pumped for this month's topic. Not only is it about something I love, but I'm co-hosting with one amazing blogger. I've known of this girl's blog for some time now but didn't start to read her blog until a few months ago when we happened upon one another's blog. But I'll let her introduce herself so you can get to know her better...
I’m an English major turned work-from-home editor, mom to a sweet redheaded little man, and wife to a doctor-in-training who is finally in his fifth and final year of residency. In all my spare time, I’m an amateur blogger and runner and an accomplished restaurant explorer, guacamole maker, and mix & match suitcase packer. In Residence chronicles various and sundry things I enjoy doing, wearing, reading and making, ventures out & about in our current city and other travels, and most importantly: making the most of life, no matter what stage we're in.

Anne isn't just a blogging friend, but an inspiration, too. Her organization skills, her personal style, her Currently link-up, and her home tour are just a few of the things I admire most about her. And how could you not fall in love with her adorable son and fun Pin to Present posts, too?

When Anne suggested we create a link-up dedicated to books, I was ready from the get-go. Some of you (or all of you, perhaps?) know that I love books and one of my goals for the year was to bulk up my pretty bleak bookshelf by purchasing a book for each month of the year. I'm finally caught up on the buying part and am just now getting caught up on the reading part. So here's what I'm up to currently in the book department:

There are so many! I feel like I've read a lot of books and yet at the same time, there are so many I haven't finished yet. But for this year, I'll say my favorite book is probably Quiet: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain. It's one of those reads that really affirmed my introversion and reminded me that I'm not the only introvert out there and that being an introvert is well, just plain awesome. 

I really wanted this to be the book that I just finished, but sadly, it's the book that I'm reading right now. Which actually isn't really that sad, seeing as I'm really enjoying it. But I digress. The book I just started and am currently LOVING is Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist.

I wasn't sure how literal to take this question, but the last book that I read was actually to my class of preschoolers. I'm sure by now you know my love for Robert Munsch's work, and so I chose to read his book, We Share Everything! It's such a cute book on the power of words and how kids' and adults' interpretations can be so very, very different.

So many books! I just shared the books that I bought for my newest project, but the book I have next to read on my shelf is Introverts in the Church and Grace for the Good Girl.

I had tons of favorite books as a kid. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with Junie B. Jones, Amelia Bedelia, and Nancy Drew, too. But my very favorite book series in elementary school was the Amelia series by Marissa Moss. The series is written in a diary or notebook format and the illustrations and characters are priceless.

I'm pretty sure I'd take the Bible with me. It's honestly one of the few books out there that I can actually read and re-read and not only enjoy, but actually learn from it, too. Often times, I'll read a book and then keep it on my shelf. But the Bible not only teaches me, but it's a book I can turn to, too. 

So what are YOU reading right now? What are your go-to reads, the books that you're constantly recommending to friends and family? Write your post (or share in the comments!), grab a button, and link-up with us and see what everyone else is reading below! 

And if you're social media savvy, feel free to use the hashtag #thecirclelinkup and grab this button, too! 
In Its Time

Next month's theme is all about sharing our top 5-10 essentials. It's pretty open to interpretation because I know that each blogger has his/her own favorite things. So share your Fall essentials, your work essentials, you style essentials, or just your favorite life essentials. Make it your own and link-up with us on Wednesday, November 19th. See you then!

Oct 20, 2014

PROJECT 365: WEEKS 41 + 42.

10/6: just a glimpse.
10/7 little gnome and friends.
10/8 backyard apples. 
10/9 check-writing.
10/10: scarf season!
10/11: lake views.
10/12: sparkly water droplet bokeh. 
10/13: blue door!
10/14: happy mail. 
10/15: because fall light is my fave. 
10/16: backseat driving. 
10/17: changing colors. 
10/18: hiking for days. 
10/19: who built the ark?
Apparently, two is the magic number around here because I've been on this trend of sharing two week's of photos at a time. Work has taken over my life again (not complaining, though since I really do love my job), so it's been a struggle for me to make time for photography.

That said, how do YOU make time for your passions and hobbies? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks!

p.s. This Wednesday is The Circle! Don't forget to write up your book report and link-up with us then! I can't wait to introduce you to this month's co-host and read your posts!

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